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USIT Awarded New Fusion Center Data Warehouse Contract

Chantilly, Virginia - June, 2010 - Today, USIT was awarded a new contract for the continued development and support of the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) Fusion Center Data Warehouse. USIT has developed and deployed the DLA Fusion Center Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse, which provides Logistics Performance Data to thousands of DLA employees, contractors, and service partners world-wide. DLA uses the application to query a multi-terabyte data warehouse for analysis of their global supply chain logistics performance. Analysis from the application enables DLA to determine how well they are performing their mission to support the warfighter, and gain insight into where operations can be improved. With this contract, USIT consultants are continuing to support and extend the functionality of the Fusion Center.

The Fusion Center is the official central EDW hub for all DLA supply chain data, and provides the agency with tracking information on all inbound and outbound supplies and shipments from DLA. USIT created a single dashboard interface showing key performance metrics, in an automated graphical interface.

USIT employees are responsible for the day-to-day development and operations in all phases of the project; from requirements analysis, to development efforts, to technical operations and product support.

"The Fusion Center Web site is the premier analytical tool for business performance reporting at DLA," says USIT's Project Manager. "It provides senior management with a reading of the daily pulse of the business, and provides analysts the ability to drill down into the details to diagnose any aberration. It also offers DLA customers a state of the art scorecard of how well DLA is supporting their warfighters."

The Fusion Center Data Warehouse publishes raw data from metrics reported on the Web Site, for analytical data mining and research using industry standard tools. In addition to supporting the DLA analytical community, the Fusion Center Data Warehouse, also publishes tailored detail transaction history to a number of internal and external DLA customers, offering an efficient and cost effective way to put critical data into the hands of decision makers throughout the supply chain. Data is published in a variety of formats, including web services, ODBC connectivity and flat-file extracts.

USIT has supported DLA's development of the Fusion Center for more than five years, and has taken the application from a simple character based website to a cutting edge, interactive, Web 2.0 analytical tool. Data flows seamlessly from graphics to tabular reports to pivot tables and downloads. It is simple enough to be consumed at a glance by senior leadership, but robust enough to provide the answers needed by the analyst community inside DLA. The application has been championed by the Director of DLA, and won numerous awards and accolades for its government sponsors.