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USIT Moves to New Headquarters

Chantilly, Virginia - April, 2010 -To support the anticipated growth seen over the next few years, US Information Technologies Corporation (USIT) officially moved into its new headquarters location in Chantilly, Virginia. The seven year deal for the new facility will accommodate the company's expanding corporate and technical staff here in the Washington Metro Area.

"Within the past 18 months, USIT has won every bid it has gone after; two of which were new multi-year prime contracts," said Joe Morrone, USIT's President and CEO."With the forecast for 2010, we will need all of this space and potentially more." The new office space is approximately five times larger than the firms' previous location, can accommodate existing overhead and G&A staff, and with its large conference rooms, provides the much needed meeting space for our project teams. USIT shares the neighborhood with the National Reconnaissance Office, a key customer for USIT's intelligence group, and with several other major integrators, such as CSC, Northrop Grumman and CACI who recently moved their new corporate headquarters across the street.

The new complex offers employees an on-site cafe and fitness center and is in close proximity to the up-and-coming Commonwealth Centre, a fully integrated mixed-use site with restaurants, service, retail and new hotels planned in the next few years. "It is important for USIT to have an office that is close to places such as Commonwealth Centre, for those visiting from out-of-town and for our local staff who are interested in doing something for lunch or after work," says Joe Morrone.

Although many of USIT's employees work on location at client sites, "this new space gives employees a place where they can store computers, reference books, important project documents and gives the teams a place to work, meet, and collaborate. It gives employees a place to call home."

USIT took occupancy of the new facility in April of 2010.