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USIT Wins Follow-on Contract at DLA Fusion Center

August, 2008 - USIT recently won a major contract supporting the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) Fusion Center Database development effort. The scope of the contract is for maintenance of the legacy DLA Metrics application, migration of the DLA Metrics functionality into the DLA Fusion Center Database, and development, support, and maintenance of the new DLA Fusion Center Database.

The DLA Fusion Center Database consists of two efforts. The first is to design and build a data warehouse, which will act as a repository of EBS data, for tactical and operational data used in analysis extracts. The second effort is the development of Business Intelligence tools. USIT is developing a dashboard using Oracle Portal technology that will provide high level operational metrics along with drill down capability to assist in senior-level decision making. "Greater visibility of business processes will give DLA an improved ability to respond to negative trends, identify causal relationships, and isolate problem areas" says Dr. Len Gaines, USIT's Technical Director on the project. "USIT is building a tool that will allow senior leaders to quickly determine the health of their business processes and concentrate their efforts on those areas that are not meeting thresholds. Ultimately, our efforts will help DLA improve overall support to the War fighter."

USIT's business intelligence efforts have been concentrating on Supply Chain effectiveness and efficiency such as Perfect Order Fulfillment, Customer Wait Time, Attainment to Plan, Stock Availability, and Logistics Response Time. " DLA is redefining the way they look at end-to-end supply chain metrics, and we are helping them in this endeavor." says Dr. Gaines.