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Database Performance Pack

A poorly running database server can cost you the strategic advantage that you expected when you invested in the Oracle database server. Are your applications are running slowly? Is the exchange of data slow between your applications? If database performance is an issue at all, USIT can help tune your database so that it is running up to it's potential. A USIT consultant will evaluate the critical components of database performance and recommend an approach for improving that performance.


  • Perform Engagement kick-off meeting (evaluate what the customers perceptions are and set expectations)
  • Verify installation and configuration (check patch levels and verify that configuration is supported by Oracle)
  • Analyze base configuration and establish benchmarks (Disks, Memory, LAN)
  • Analyze I/O efficiencies (tablespace layouts, block size, rollbacks, etc.)
  • Analyze cache hit ratio and make recommendations for improvement
  • Verify TNS configuration
  • Interview key personnel to determine specific areas of perceived performance problem(s) and establish priority for the resolution of those performance issues
  • Identify and evaluate poorly performing queries
  • Make recommendation(s) to facilitate performance improvement


  • Engagement summary (including recommendations for performance improvement)


1 - 2 weeks depending on database complexity


  • Oracle database is installed and configured on an Oracle supported platform
  • All necessary client personnel will be available to provide input and support
  • Client has a valid Oracle CSI number