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Data Design Pack

Do you believe that your applications are over-burdened because they are performing the work that your database should be doing? Do you have problems with data inconsistency? Are your users complaining of performance problems? These are all indications of a data design that is in need of a Design Quality Audit.

USIT consultants have years of database design experience. A Design Quality Audit will point out areas that can be improved so that you can make more efficient use of your database and all of its capabilities. USIT consultants can make recommendations for structural improvements and the appropriate use your database objects.


  • Perform Engagement kick-off meeting (evaluate what the customers perceptions are and set expectations)
  • Review of all database objects
  • ½ day hand-off/turn-over meeting


  • Interview Documentation
  • Entity Relationship Diagram or Data Structure Diagram
  • Document suggested database modifications
  • Engagement summary


1 week


  • Database is installed in an Oracle supported configuration and the schema(s) required for the application have been loaded
  • Documentation relating to various design decisions will be available
  • To minimize the impact of implementation of recommendation of the audit, we recommend that this be performed during the design phase of the application
  • ½ day hand-off/turn-over meeting