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Portal Pack

Building a portal for your enterprise applications using Oracle Portal is a must for any organization that is currently running the Oracle application server. USIT consultants have the experience and understanding to help you build a portal that will make the most of all of the capabilities that Oracle Portal affords you. A USIT consultant will help you build a framework for quick starting a portal development effort.


  • Perform Engagement kick-off meeting (evaluate what the customers perceptions are and set expectations)
  • Verify installation and configuration (check patch levels, SSO, SSL and all providers are working properly with portal)
  • Define high level structure, navigation and areas of content as defined by customers initial requirements (ie: create Portal page groups & pages)
  • Define look & feel using Portal templates & styles as defined by customers initial requirements
  • Define Portal security model for pages, create roles, test user accounts, as defined by customers initial requirements
  • Add Content to an agreed upon set of pages starting with Home Page. Assumes mostly text, URLs, etc. Custom portlets already created or OTN community portlets could also be deployed and included during this phase
  • Integrate standard external applications; add links to them where appropriate
  • Deploy and integrate properly configured partner applications
  • Analyze additional requirements and suggest development plan for implementing complex functionality beyond the scope of engagement


  • Installation verification checklist we could create
  • Portal objects (pages, styles, templates, etc)
  • Detail Design Document of the portal site
  • Recommendations for continued development (High Level Design Document covering any additional work left to be done)
  • Framework for custom portlet development (jar file with javadoc)


Depends on scope, 2 - 3 weeks in most cases


  • The proposed hardware platform (Hardware/OS combination)is supported by Oracle
  • All necessary client personnel will be available to provide input and support
  • Client has a valid Oracle CSI number
  • Client has predefined requirements for the content and layout of the Portal site
  • No custom portlets will be developed during short term engagements
  • External applications to be integrated are standard HTML based web applications with a GET/POST login screen
  • Partner applications to be integrated will not require code changes and are JAAS/JAZN compliant
  • The scope of the portal development and application integration will be agreed upon prior to kickoff (or during the kickoff meeting), to provide for an appropriate level of effort for the length of the engagement