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RAC Pack

For solid scalability and reliability, Oracle’s RAC (Real Application Clusters) technology is second to none. USIT has implemented and provided RAC guidance for some very demanding customers with specialized needs. USIT can explain these benefits and install and set-up RAC for your organization. Our basic RAC installation assumes a 2 node configuration; price options exist for additional nodes.


  • Perform Engagement kick-off meeting (evaluate what the customers perceptions are and set expectations)
  • Rack and Cable Servers with System Administrator Assistance
  • Install/configure operating system
  • Verification of all necessary operating system and Oracle patches
  • Assist in the upgrade of drivers and reconfiguration/recompilation of kernel as necessary
  • Configure proper LUN definitions within the array
  • Configure cache settings and other performance parameters
  • Configuration of all LUNs, RAID groups, and storage groups (including ASM configuration)
  • Completion and verification of OS configuration and disk partitions
  • Install Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) and/or create raw devices and symbolic links (as needed)
  • Install CRS (Cluster Ready Services) assuming other vendor clusterware is not being used
  • Create seed database per customer requirements and specifications
  • Start RAC cluster and test fail over
  • (Test) logical and physical database layout
  • (Test) disk partitioning and logical structure
  • Verify and configure cluster management
  • Create, configure and verify seed database/cluster


  • Engagement summary


5 to 10 days, depending upon hardware setup requirements


  • The proposed hardware platform (Hardware/OS Combination) is supported by Oracle
  • All necessary client personnel will be available to provide input and support
  • Client has a valid Oracle CSI number